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Our Projects

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  • Insulated Glass
    Blue Star is proud to boast the Only Fully Automated Insulating Glass Line in the US. Our high-performance low-e insulated...
  • Tempering
    Our state-of-the art tempering furnaces feature oversize beds for handling large pieces of glass and fast production of high-volume projects.
  • Lamination
    Blue Star fabricates both decorative & structural laminated glass.
  • Digital Printing
    Ceramic Ink Digital Printing Discover the future of architectural design with Blue Star’s Digitally Printed Glass using Ceramic Ink. This...
  • Heat Soak Testing
    Heat Soak Testing Heat soak testing is a process to mitigate the risk of spontaneous breakage due to Nickel Sulfide...
  • Doors, Partitions & Railings
    Blue Star offers all glass entrance systems, partitions, interior & exterior railings, and more.
  • CNC
    CNC machining allows us to cut custom shapes to precise tolerances and perform specialty drilling with pinpoint precision.
  • Edgework
    Blue Star offers a variety of edgework for monolithic and laminated glass applications.
  • Spandrel
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  • Delivery Accomodations
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