About Blue Star Glass

Based in North Brunswick, NJ, Blue Star is family owned and operated. Our story began in 2007 with a classic “aha” moment. After a lifetime of working with contractors & architects, construction industry veteran, Ronnie Oanono, built his dream: a glass company grounded in a culture of partnership.

You need agile. Capable. Cutting edge. Blue Star.

With experience on the contracting side, Blue Star provides something unique in the industry: true empathy for the demands you face. That means your deadlines are our deadlines. Your problems are ours to solve. And your calls get answered. As an independent fabricator, we pride ourselves on offering guidance with an unusual level of agility. We stay sharp and keep quality high by staying ahead of what you need — now and for years to come.

Our Capabilities at a Glance

  • High capacity and precision thanks to only American and European equipment
  • High-performance low-e insulated units
  • Oversize tempered glass
  • Custom laminated glass
  • CNC precision on custom shapes, doors, etc.
  • Spandrel glass
  • Specialized delivery fleet suitable for shop & jobsite deliveries
  • Boom trucks and flatbeds to delivery bulk orders
  • IGCC®/IGMA® certified
  • SGCC® certified
  • Vitro® Certified Fabricator

Blue Star by the Numbers

Helping you meet your goals is our biggest priority. Well, that and quality. So how do we measure up? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Number of production shifts
Weekly active customers (and counting)
Packs and cases of glass in stock daily
Years of consistently exceeding industry standards

Are we your kind of place? Join our team.