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Digital Printing

Blue Star now has custom digital ceramic printing.

Discover the future of architectural design with Blue Star’s Digitally Printed Glass using Ceramic Ink. This technology offers flexibility in design, allowing you to create translucent or opaque elements, full-color images, and intricate geometric patterns. With precise color matching and the incorporation of special effects inks like metallic gold & platinum, etch effect, and vibrant magenta, your architectural visions will come to life with artistic brilliance.


  • Max Glass Size
    2,500mm x 4,500mm 

    98” x 177”


    Min Glass Size

    380mm x 380mm

    15” x 15”

  • Max Resolution

    1,440 DPI


    Pre-Mixed Colors

    RAL, Pantone, NCS & RAL Design

  • Custom Color Matching


    Special Effects Inks

    Gold, Platinum, Luster, Etch Effect & Magenta

  • Decorative Inks

    Anti-Slip & Metallized Effect Ink

    Image Formats




Light Diffusion and Transmission

Energy Efficiency

Privacy Levels


Anti-Bird Collision (Bird Friendly)

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