Insulated Glass

Our insulated units set a standard for the industry.

Beautiful and durable, we have held certification every year since our first run came off the production line in 2009 from the IGCC/IGMA®.

Blue Star Glass is a Vitro Certified Fabricator – an honor few fabricators achieve in order to process high-performance low-e glass.

Our Insulated Units Set a High Bar

  • Variety of High Performance Low-E Glass Available
  • Dual Seal – Polyisobutylene & Silicone
  • Continuous Corner-Bent Spacers
  • Double & Triple Pane
  • Shapes
  • Oversize Units
  • Offset Edges
  • Gas Fill
  • Internal Additions: Muntin Bars, Internal Blinds, Custom Inserts


  • Shucho 50+ SG & 60+ SG pocket profile system 
  • Vitro Certified Fabricator
  • Low-E Brands carried include: Vitro (Formerly PPG), Pilkington NSG & AGC
  • Other brands carried include Walker for acid-etch and bird-friendly glass and others

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